Frog Blog 10: Fully armed!

The tadpoles are almost frogs… they have got arms as well as legs! Hooray! Look at this splendid fellow, 37 days after hatching:


He is still breathing through gillls, but not for much longer, so I have made sure there is an accessible  rock for them all to climb onto. And soon his tail will begin to shrink. And my work will be done.

Meanwhile, back at the pond, I found a splendid caddisfly who had made a long thin case, from which he emerged looking very fierce with his yellow and black striped head:


He walked around, hunting for something, dragging his long thin house with him:


I am enjoying all these underwater creatures, who seem so determined and oblivious to us big people on dry ground above them. I don’t think they even know we are there, nor care.



2 thoughts on “Frog Blog 10: Fully armed!”

  1. Interesting seeing your Froggies develop. They are getting ready to jump the enclosure…hopefully not onto your kitchen floor. How’s the smaller Frog? Your ‘job’ rearing frogs might be almost done, which makes you an official ‘Froggy Mommy’ but I think some other ‘job’ might be in your future…baby Squirrel? Baby Bird?


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