Battle of the Titans

Male elephants, just like all the other herbivores out there on the plains, enjoy a little jousting match on occasion. April seems to be the time of year when their juices are flowing.


The one on the right is the biggest elephant in this part of the Maasai Mara, known as Number One. He has magnificent tusks, as you can see below:DSC07439

And I am sure you noted the fifth leg on both elephants.

The remaining photographs are a different pair of younger elephants. They face each other, then rush forwards at some speed (as you can see from the flapping ears!) into what I can only call a head bump,

Male elephants jousting, for fun.Male elephants jousting, for fun.

but carefully judging it so that their tusks do no more than gently poke their adversary.

Male elephants jousting, for fun.

They often entwine their trunks in a sort of tug of war:

Male elephants jousting, for fun.

Male elephants jousting, for fun.

But it is clear that all this is not serious, and they part as friends:

Male elephants jousting, for fun.

Finally, and just for scale, here’s a photo of one of this second pair, who came over to check us out:

Male elephants jousting, for fun.

One thought on “Battle of the Titans”

  1. Been enjoying this last weeks postings, and incredible sequence below. Also how they look grey and/or brown depending on the light… >


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