Frog Blog 9: Real legs, and walking houses

The tadpoles’ legs look like proper frogs’ legs now, don’t they?


Not only the frogs think spring is coming.  The maple trees are in flower,


and their tiny bright red flowers fall off onto the pond. The photo below has three caddis flies in their home-built houses . They usually use of bits of brown reed, like the top and bottom ones in the photo below, but the one in the middle decided to put on its party clothes, and chose a maple flower instead:


Here is a close up:

DSC05428I think he chose well, don’t you?

And here he is going for a stroll, with his house:

3 thoughts on “Frog Blog 9: Real legs, and walking houses”

  1. I just love this!!! Moira, although I have yet to meet you, I just want to say that your enthusiasm for nature is unmatched except, possibly by mine. I get a natural high every time I discover something like the caddis flies, or the tadpoles. There is really no comparing each human being’s love and delight in nature I suppose, it is just that yours is so tangible, so genuine and so infectious. (Sorry to use that word in these times, but I can’t think of another right now).


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