Got the blues

Western Maine is a low key, laid back sort of place, not flashy or full of itself. But these three birds seem to have escaped from exotic lands, flaunting their azure plumage in our Northern forests.

My first is (I think) an Eastern Bluebird, because he had a rusty belly when he flew up into a tree:

Eastern Bluebird

I do concede however, that I could be wrong: maybe he too is …. ..the same as my next bird.

My second is a male Indigo Bunting, Passerina cyanea, singing from the treetops on June 9th. This is completely typical: they sing from the highest point they can find, all summer.


There is a recoding and rather a good description of their song and how they learn it here:

I am so pleased someone named it the Indigo Bunting instead of the Blue Bunting: how often do you get to use the word indigo, unless you are reciting the colors of the rainbow, or are into natural dyes. And its Latin name is cyanea, after another great color word, cyan! When they are just fledged, the blue just peaks through their beige feathers, but this week this teenager was on the same tree that his father liked, two months ago, so I can  be confident of its identity.

Juvenile indigo bunting

My third is the American Bluejay, Cyanocitta cristata, noisy, arrogant, and a year-round resident up here.


He has a fine crest, not raised in this photo.

One last blue vision: a wild native Blue Flag Iris, Iris versicolor. There was a big clump in the swampy area at the edge of my beaver pond on June 10th, and although they are purplish blue, I consider them as qualifying for this post by virtue of their name:

Blue flag iris, I. versicolor

Look close, and  marvel:

Blue flag iris, I. versicolor

For me, these birds and flowers are a cure for the blues.

3 thoughts on “Got the blues”

  1. Beautiful photos, again, Moira. Nature is so awesome, although the ‘food chain’ is sometimes a little tough to swallow. Iris is lovely. Blue Jays are so large, especially compared to all the little Hummingbirds here.


  2. Yes, a cure for the blues and what beautiful blues. You have so many colorful birds back east. I really envy you Moira!


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