The mushroom: a small, mysterious miracle

Summer is noticeably winding down. And the mushrooms are coming out. When I walk each day, I always hope to see mammals, birds, reptiles, things that move. But it doesn’t always happen. And when they do appear, they can be fleeting and impossible to photograph. Mushrooms, blessedly, stay put. And they are exquisite.

Here is a gallery, all resplendently pushing up through the leafmold during the past week. Some have gills, some are veiled, some have a spongy underside (boletes), some look exactly like coral. Some are edible, some could kill you. Just admire them.

8 thoughts on “The mushroom: a small, mysterious miracle”

  1. Such a beautiful variety. In the 2nd photo, looks like the cap is off. The 8th photo is one that I’m not familiar with. The last photo I call ‘sesame seeds’ they change daily & become flat topped. I also like Indian Pipes.


    1. The second photo is a Scaly Vase Chanterelle. They do not have a ‘cap’. Instead, they are inverted into a vase shape, so the dark yellowy orange is the surface. Nothing is missing. I am sure you know, but Indian Pipes (I like them too) are not fungi, they are plants. they have no chlorophyll , and are parasitic on the roots of surrounding trees.


      1. Interesting about the Chanterelle…I wonder if it’s beneficial that rain could collect in the vase. I did know that about Indian Pipes. (They still look ‘shroomy to me).


  2. Mushrooms, mushrooms everywhere, and not a one to eat (confidently)! Thank you, Moira, for reinforcing this wonderful part of August’s woods.


  3. Such a magnificent collection and photos.
    Thank you for widening our knowledge on these beautiful mushrooms.


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