Landscape 2: Water

Rivers thread the landscape of Greater Yellowstone, some no more than a trickle:

and some wide and fast:

There are lakes, some natural and some the result of dams. One dam was being repaired and the lake was deliberately low:

Yellowstone even has its own Grand Canyon, fed by the Yellowstone River as it drops over an impressive waterfall

The canyon deepens, and if you hike along the rim the river looks tiny below you :

On other days, if the wind drops and the light is right, you see double:

And when you come over the brow of a hill there are wide valleys miles across with streams running through them, and your heart leaps:

In 1871, on the Hayden survey expedition, the artist Thomas Moran painted watercolors of the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. These first images of Yellowstone’s astonishing beauty were produced for the masses as chromolithographs,

and turned into the awe-inspiring oils we now find so familiar:

His work helped build public support for the establishment of the first national park in the US (and the second in the world), signed into law by President Ulysses Grant in 1872.

3 thoughts on “Landscape 2: Water”

  1. You most certainly captured ‘Yellowstone the Beautiful’ in your photos! The yellow leaved trees in the first photo, low clouds, the streams, rivers and rocks.


  2. Very nice, again, one of our favorite places. We have a number of winter and summer shots from Yellowstone from previous visits, and I can only agree with you about the beauty of the place. Of course, there’s always Yosemite, and virtually all of southern Utah with which to compete. And Acadia, and etc.


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