Babar in the rain

When it rains, we shelter in our houses, or least under our umbrellas, and some animals and birds hide under trees, overhangs or whatever they can find.  But it’s hard for a full-sized elephant to hide under anything, so they just get on with it. And in the rainy season it can be not only wet, but also cold: I wore a T-shirt, thick shirt, sweatshirt, down vest, down jacket, and raincoat, all at once.

For an elephant, that thick skin has to suffice:

Very wet elephantsBut at least the rains mean good long grass to eat:

Very wet elephants

And when the sun comes out, even the baby perks up:

Very wet elephants

despite the fact that his ears are still a bit wet:

Very wet elephants

To leaven the extreme cuteness of this posting, I feel I should include at least one scientific fact:

In hot dry Namibia, where rain is rare and much to be desired, elephants have been shown to move towards rainstorms that are still 150 miles away. No-one knows quite how they detect them from such huge distances.

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