Wriggly things..

I rather like caterpillars, though you may beg to differ.


I never knew that caterpillars needed to drink water. This Hickory Tussock Moth caterpillar  seems to have narcissistic tendencies:


Some species are even hairier:


But others are smooth: this is a Cecropia moth caterpillar (4th instar, if you are interested):


And its tiny blue shoes are rather cute:


Some curl up when they are scared, like these American Lady caterpillars:


I fear that many children today grow up without ever meeting a caterpillar. But I do hope that even so someone has read them Eric Carle’s The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

PS: I wanted to call this “Jacob and Esau”, as in “Behold, Esau my brother is a hairy man, and I am a smooth man” but somehow it didn’t quite work, and I wasn’t sure if people still knew the King James bible. So I relegated it to this postscript.

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