Rhinoceros unicornis Part II: Little ones

In Chitwan we saw the rhino deep in the long grass from the back of an elephant, but in Kaziranga they were everywhere, grazing out in the open, many with young.

Indian one-horned Rhino

They have a pointed prehensile upper lip like the Black Rhino, and they are semi-aquatic, feeding in and even under the water:

Indian one-horned Rhino

In Kaziranga we also went out on elephants, at dawn in a thick but magical mist :

Elephant ride with rhino

Being atop an elephant allows for close-ups from an unusual angle:

Elephant ride with rhino

The baby has no horn yet, but you can see a smooth bump where it is trying to come through: the teething pains must be horrendous:

Elephant ride with rhino

Personally I think it looks most irresistible from the front:

Elephant ride with rhino

They didn’t seem overly bothered by the elephants, or vice-versa. Our guide told us that when he started 20 years ago, they would flee from tourists, but that they are now habituated, and largely ignore them.

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