The mother, the jewel and the clown

[The first photo is honor of US Mother’s Day tomorrow!]

Maternal love is not to be explained. This warthog and her baby are clearly struggling in this harsh arid environment, but their mutual gaze is every bit as loving as that of  Mrs. Bennett and her offspring.

Note the Red-billed Oxpecker looking on, oblivious


Beautiful the warthog is not, but Ethiopia has bejeweled wonders for the taking, like this Northern Carmine Bee-eater:

Northern Carmine Bee-eater

Other birds are almost comical:

Double-toothed Barbet

This is the Double-toothed Barbet, named after its unusual beak, seen here in close-up:

Double-toothed Barbet

The notches help it hold onto live and kicking uncooperative prey, like scorpions or frogs.

My last photo is blurry, because the camera insisted on focussing on the branches not the bird,  but this male Nile Valley Sunbird in his breeding plumage is so fine I thought I’d include him anyway.

Nile Valley Sunbird, male in full breeding plumage

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  1. Love the oxpecker… almost made it one of my focus birds… you and I do think alike!

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