Frog Blog 2

Things are moving fast!! I don’t think these eggs are going to take 20 days to become tadpoles!

One day after I put the eggs in a bowl, they had already begun to transform. Last time, they looked like black dots, or periods.  But now they look like commas. I put a few eggs in a smaller bowl so I could take a close-up photo more easily:


You can sort of see a tail, and two bumps on each side of the head that will become eyes, or maybe gills. One egg doesn’t seem to be growing at all. There may be something wrong with it, or maybe it is just a little slower than the rest?

The next morning, the tadpoles had started to grow longer tails, and gills! Can you see the little feathery things sticking out on each side: those are called gills.


Tadpoles don’t put their heads above water to take a breath. Just like fish, they breathe water. When the water flows over their little gills, they are able to get oxygen from the water, just like our lungs get it from the air we breathe. Clever, huh?

And the really amazing thing is that they are starting to wriggle inside their jelly capsules. I’m going to try and get a video for next time.

There are other things living in my pond. Do you know what this is?? Try to guess. Clue: it is very, very tiny, smaller even than the frog’s eggs. The answer will be in the next blog.



3 thoughts on “Frog Blog 2”

  1. The bowl is inside, by a cool window. If I leave it outside there is a risk it might freeze at night, because it is a much smaller body of water than the pond where they were born. So the warmer temperature may be speeding up their development.


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