Frog Blog 8: Legs!!


Yesterday I wasn’t sure, but this morning it is official. The tiniest imaginable legs have appeared.  They are really hard to photograph because as they get bigger they swim faster and faster and wriggle more and more, but can you see the tiny leg here?


This is now 27 days after hatching, and I think it now takes about 10 more days for them to turn into frogs, which seems awfully fast to me! I have put lots of them back in the pond, and kept less than ten, so they have plenty of space.

I will put some bigger rocks in their bowl for them to climb onto.

Watch this space.




2 thoughts on “Frog Blog 8: Legs!!”

  1. Fun to see them develop…and an important one: the frogs need to hop…hopefully not on your kitchen floor. I hope they all stay safe during the cold weather


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