Landscape 3: Evening

In Yellowstone’s Lamar Valley, as we watched fruitlessly for wolves in the evenings, the sun occasionally leaked through the omnipresent low clouds:

Once it gave us a rainbow:

And once it came in low and sideways, washing the flanks of the hills

We had our backs to those hills, and the light crept up on us almost unawares:

I am glad I turned around, and lifted up mine eyes unto the hills:

What Thomas Chatterton called “the burnish’d mountain-top”, but this one was masquerading as a sand dune.

Partial compensation for the dearth of wolves.

3 thoughts on “Landscape 3: Evening”

  1. Impactful photos. I read today, that in Yellowstone, in Montana, during the first week of hunting, 3 wolves, under 2 years old were killed. Wolves were almost hunted to extinction…I don’t understand how this is acceptable. Who decides which animal has priority?


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