Otterly obsessed

I fear I may be boring you. If so, stop reading. It’s just that some moments light up your day in such a way that you cannot stop yourself wanting to show them to anyone you encounter, and this was one of those. I was filming a solitary otter on the ice, and then …

This is the land where my otters live, shared with the beavers who built the huge lodge behind them:

As the video starts, she is alone… but not for long… (try to watch it fullscreen, and don’t miss the somersault):

I think it was the mother and last year’s young again, two of them are rough-housing while one is resignedly letting them roll around on top of her. Here they are in closeup, the mother in the centre:

Two days earlier, another magical encounter. I was showing a friend’s grandkids the otter pond, and carefully refraining from promising otters, when one popped up 20 feet from us, and stayed there.

This has NEVER happened to me before, the kids of course had no idea that it was the sighting of the year!

Finally, two days before that, here is the biggest fish I have ever seen one catch. My piscine expert thinks it is a large-mouth bass.

It took seven minutes to eat the whole thing.

I will really try not to post about otters again next time. Sorry.

9 thoughts on “Otterly obsessed”

  1. First: I kept checking my emails, yesterday, hopefully awaiting a post from you & also that if you’d posted it wouldn’t have ended up in my emails & I’d need to wait till the next post to ‘go back.’ Never fear: your post & delightful otters are here! It’s a good thing you had your camera with you, so you could share your thrilling encounters! (….and January 2021 you hadn’t seen an otter, yet in your pond). That’s a huge, yummy, fish meal…..Moira….please post more otter-tales! Thank you!


  2. Yes, Otterly wonderful! These otters are never boring to me as I live in an otterless environment far away from you on the other side of our country. Amazing close up photography. Loved the “Resigned otter mother tolerating her kids rolling around on her”.


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