Too small to see

Sometimes people hint that taking so many photos interferes with truly looking at what is in front of me, but for me the reverse is often true. Consider things that are too tiny for my unassisted human eye to see, and that I often don’t notice until I look at the photos later on my computer.

This tiny lichen is called the Red-fruited Pixie Cup, for obvious reasons. Each cup is 6-25mm tall, and the bright red protuberances are the fruiting bodies.P1070345Or consider these ants. A child knocked over the rotting tree stump by mistake, exposing these pupae. Out rushed the ants to move them one by one to safety. Each pupa looks like a perfectly formed white waxy proto-ant.

Ant pupae. If you zoom in, the pupae look like white waxy complete ants.

So I defend my right to take photos.

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