An evening by the beaver pond

This week I walked in to my beaver pond, and sat for an hour by the water. Next to me was a carnivorous sundew plant. If you look closely you can see the sticky mucus that traps the flies, and two small victims near the bottom of the closeup photo.


A curious beaver came and swam up to me. Their vision is very poor, so although he knew there was something odd, he wasn’t sure exactly what. A few tail slaps, but he didn’t leave.


And a family of young wood ducks appeared in the distance. They are usually very skittish, but these ones never noticed me.


As I was about to leave, there was loud squawking in the distance, and an eagle swooped down on a heron, but the heron saw him off, and continued to fish.


All this, only 45 minutes walk back in the woods behind my house.

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