Morning grooming

I am used to seeing birds preening, but I hadn’t really paid attention to the fact that bees groom too. After a very heavy rainfall, this bee spent twenty minutes or so using its hind legs to groom its fuzzy body, top and bottom.

Grooming wth back legs after heavy rain

The same morning, this Chipping Sparrow found a sunny rock, and then yawned.  You can see his tongue.


The young male Hairy Woodpecker, whose plumage was still not quite how he wanted it to be, embarked on a serious grooming session. Notice how he uses his tail to brace himself against the tree branch.

P1080738Then he worked his way around his body, missing nothing.

P1080757P1080788P1080797P1080823Quite like any teenager.




3 thoughts on “Morning grooming”

  1. Sometimes as I look through the camera lens or loupe, I’ve watched insects such as your bee even appear to wash their faces. Love the series of woodpecker shots.


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