Zebras a-dazzle*

The young male zebras are horsing around, practicing for serious fighting when needed. They reminded me of teenage boys wrestling. They would have a go at each other with hooves and teeth, in bursts of furious energy:

Young male zebra playing

and they would display apparent aggression:


Then they would suddenly stop, take a break, and indulge in affectionate nibbling at each other’s necks:

Young male zebra playing

But no matter how much they honed their fighting skills, an elephant is a different sort of adversary. This zebra and his friend came round a bush, and came face to face with a very young elephant:

Zebra meeting Elephant

A brief pause, and then he sensibly realized that discretion is the better part of valor:


*Dazzle is one of several collective nouns for a group of zebras.  The others are zeal, crossing, cohort or the rather pedestrian herd.

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