The Spiderman Lizard

Agamas, or dragon lizards, are a family of lizard species widespread in sub-Saharan Africa. Some have spectacular coloring. The Mwanza Flat-Headed Rock Lizard, Agama mwanzae, has acquired the nickname of the Spider-Man Lizard: one look at this male, and you will see why:

Mwanza Flat-headed rock agama.or Spiderman agama. Male.

For purposes of comparison his namesake can be seen here:


Agamas are insectivorous, and the male is usually the flamboyant one. Here is a male of a different but related species, the Red-headed Rock Agama, Agama agama, who seems to have mistaken this tree for a tall thin rock:

Red-headed rock agama

And this is a male blue-headed Southern Rock Agama (Agama atra) , which I saw in Uganda a few years ago. This is their breeding coloration.

Agama lizard

In all of these species, the females are rather dull!

The closest relatives of agamas are chameleons, famous for their ability to change color.

One thought on “The Spiderman Lizard”

  1. What colorful & beautiful animals! My daughter had a Bearded Dragon, so interesting to watch them…they love eating super worms & hibiscus blossoms, which I’d bring over (the blossoms).


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