Let sleeping lions lie .. and zebras beware

Two postings ago I showed you a zebra reacting to an elephant. But the beasts to be truly scared of in the bush are of course these:

Garlic, Ginger's friend.

This is Garlic (above), and his best buddy, Ginger (below), and like most male lions sleeping is their main activity:

Ginger, a male lion who lacks pigment in his mane.

Ginger is nine years old, and he is famous because he lacks the normal black pigment in his mane, tail tip, and pads, a condition called erythrism. It is distinct from albinism, since his coat is not white and his eyes are not red. *

Sleeping lions are harmless enough, but when they wake up, zebras beware.


This zebra was at the back of a fleeing herd, and the cause of the herd’s alarm is clear: lions. By some miracle, this zebra had got away, but unsurprisingly she was moving stiffly and struggling to keep up with the others. Reassuringly, the guides said she only had flesh wounds and would probably recover.


*More on Ginger’s history here: http://safaritalk.net/topic/15727-ginger-the-golden-lion-of-south-luangwa/

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