Phoebes 2: en famille

Four days later, and the chicks are strong enough to raise their heads above the edge of the nest:Phoebe with young

Both parents are foraging. About 20 feet from the nest, I have a curly bracket for a hanging basket of lobelia. It is close to the kitchen window, convenient for photos. Here they perch, using the bracket as a vantage point from which to swoop on their prey, but also as sort of kitchen pass, from which to send a steady flow of food deliveries to the nearby nest.

This one is juggling a dragonfly:


This one has got a grip on a butterfly,



And this one is showing off its catch to its mate, who appears to be saying “Wow!”:


The variety of prey is interesting. A Long-dash Skipper butterfly:


A huge Dragonfly:


A white-faced dragonfly:


I think this is a Field Cricket:


And a small grasshopper:


If they keep wriggling, they get bashed on the metal bracket till they succumb.


Anyway, these chicks are not going hungry.

4 thoughts on “Phoebes 2: en famille”

  1. Smart parents, you definitely don’t want to give your kids wriggling food to eat, it could traumatize them for life. And a balanced diet is the best. You are sure enjoying your newest project…fun to watch your Phoebe family.


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