An Indian giraffe?

There are no giraffes in India, right?

Well, there are now. Read this lovely story from The (London) Times about an enterprising Indian farmer:



3 thoughts on “An Indian giraffe?”

  1. It’s horrible for humans that crops are ruined by elephants, but adding poisons to the environment is a terrible solution….whichever animals eat the poisoned elephant meat, will also get sick…just like owls eating rodents that have eaten rodenticide. I’ve seen several places that have placed artificial coyotes on golf courses, college campuses, etc to deter Canada Geese from landing & 💩💩💩💩💩💩


  2. I of course agree that poison is not the solution. Quite apart from killing the intended victims, it has unanticipated knock-on effects. In many countries vultures are now endangered because they die from eating poisoned carcasses, and their crucial job disposing of dead animals then goes undone. I hope you do not think that my post was intended to treat the issue lightly. On the contrary, we need to think as creatively as possible about ways humans and wildlife can co-exist safely, and I thought this guy deserved credit, and I also hoped it would make people smile..


  3. Moira: your post did make me smile…a lot! I would never, ever, think, that a nature lover like yourself would think of the poisoning of animals, lightly. Obviously not everyone seems to think like you & I. A friend found a Barred owl with head injuries a few months back…after being brought to a wildlife center, they found that it was also in need of help for ingesting rodenticide…some people don’t realize what happens when poisons get into the food chain. Must be a funny sight to see a huge, fake giraffe.


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